A clan with the image of eternal masteries.
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 Rules of Eternal Paradox

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PostSubject: Rules of Eternal Paradox   Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:43 pm

EP is a fun clan. However, we do have rules that should be followed.
1. Hacking - Any and all hackers found with proof will be banned without exception. If you can prove to us that you were not hacking, please do. If you were hacking, and you want to play again, send in a ban appeal to a server admin. They will decide whether you're worthy enough to play or not.
2. Teamkilling - It's okay to accidentally tk, but doing multiple times is not okay. Teamkilling or teamdamage will result in a temp ban.
3. Tag Stealing - Please, do not wear the EP tag unless you've been given permission by an admin. Only admins can. This can result in a temp ban the first offense, and perm ban any time after.
4. Harassment - Players have been really good on this part. What falls under this category is... Profanity, Sexual Remarks, Racist Remarks, and being a total douche. You will get a temp ban for any of the above (profanity will differentiate).
5. Recruiting - Don't recruit for your clan in our servers. We pay for these servers for us. Not other clans. So, please if you're in a clan, keep to yourself. Go to a different server to talk about recruitment for your clan or guild.
6. Asshattery - EP Clan does not approve of any trolling or consistency of being in trouble or on our watch-list. Please do not do anything related to these things, as the result will be in a temp-ban off Our Forums, Servers, and Teamspeak3 VOIP Servers.
7. Clanning - EP doesn't approve, or disapprove of double clanning, so please, apply if you're looking to be in this clan. This rule can vary between clans. Ask an admin if the clan you're in is okay to double clan with this.
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Rules of Eternal Paradox
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